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At Holy Nativity we are committed to providing a safe environment for all, especially children and vulnerable adults. In particular we affirm that the welfare of the children and vulnerable adults is paramount. We are committed to providing support for all carers of children and vulnerable adults in our parish and to protecting and nurturing all members of our community.
We accept and endorse the principles contained within the Chidren Acts 1989 and 2004 and in the House of Bishops policy document on child protection Protecting all God’s Children (3rd edition 2004). These documents, together with the Bristol Diocesan guidelines, are the foundation of our Safeguarding Policy.

We affirm that abuse will not be tolerated in any form in our community and that we will take allegations of abuse, whether physical, mental or spiritual seriously and co-operate fully with the appropriate authorities in the event of an investigation being necessary.
We undertake to exercise reasonable care in the selection, appointment and supervision of those working with children and vulnerable adults in either a paid or voluntary capacity in an effort to ensure the highest standards are maintained in all counseling, pastoral, educational, spiritual and recreational activities. This includes taking up enhanced references from the Disclosure and Barring Service  (DBS) for those working directly with children and vulnerable adults.

All of our children's workers, clergy and Church Officers have (where appropriate) been screened and checked by the DBS at Enhanced Level, and have received clearance from the Safeguarding Department of the Diocese of Bristol.

The 'named person' and Safeguarding Officer (as defined in the Bristol Diocesan Guidelines) for Holy Nativity is Mrs Mary Goodfellow. Mary is a qualified and highly experienced secondary school teacher who currently teaches foreign languages to adults. Mary has been appointed by the PCC to work with the Parish Priest and Churchwardens' to ensure that the highest standards of child and vulnerable adult protection are met at all times. Together with the Parish Priest, Mary will be happy to answer your questions about Safeguarding.

For any emergency matters relating to the Protection of Children and Vulnerable people, please contact Mary immediately. If you cannot reach her, then please contact the Diocese of Bristol Safeguarding Advisor - details can be found on the Diocese of Bristol Website. If you feel a child or adult is at immediate risk of harm, please also contact the Police by dialling 101 for non-emergencies, or 999 for emergencies.
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